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Visit Korea in VR - Tongyeong Educational & Cultural Experience

The future has arrived!

Korea has such a wide variety of destinations to visit in real life, and we hope that one day you will be able to make the trip here and see it for yourself. In the meantime, we are harnessing the power of virtual reality to bring wonderful Korean culture to you, wherever you are in the world.

The video above shows an example of one of immersive educational and cultural tourism experiences, on the ENGAGE platform. You can take a cable car down from the top of Mount Mireuk down to the port of Tongyeong to view famous sights and learn about local culture. We even have local food to show you, each piece with its own interesting stories!

The best part of all, it is a way of bringing people from around the world together in real time and to share our experiences about our own realities. This is why in our VR educational experiences we make sure that the visitors are not just listening to interesting information about Korean culture, but truly experience the culture in active ways. Check out the video to see how this works!

If you are interested in coming along to our future events in VR to showcase the best of Korean culture, please get in touch here.


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