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How to Access Virtual Reality

Even though we at Visit Korea have been working with virtual reality technology for many years, we appreciate that it is still a completely unknown tool for most people.  One of our aims is to help people understand how to use VR through our training sessions and workshops, so that they can enjoy the engaging immersive content that we create.

Below you will find some more information about how you can join us in VR.

VR Headset?

We are partners of ENGAGE - the Ireland-based virtual reality metaverse platform, and as a result we can guarantee thanks to their technology almost 100% uptime and a range of features to support the way we deliver our VR content and manage live events.  

ENGAGE is available on most major VR headsets, desktop devices and smartphones.  We highly recommend that you experience our content through a 6DOF VR headset like the Oculus Quest or some of the latest Pico devices, such as the Neo 3 Pro.  The VR headset experience is considerably more immersive compared to other 

However, if you aren't able to access a VR headset the moment then a desktop (PC or laptop) can still offer you a great experience in non-immersive VR, to enjoy our content and connect with others in real time from around the world.  

We would recommend against using a smartphone, even if it is possible to use ENGAGE on them, since you will have very limited functionality and navigating around our 3D spaces will be tiresome.

In any case, you will need to download ENGAGE from 

Learn the Controls

PC Controls

Once you have downloaded ENGAGE, you are ready to create a profile and begin looking around at some of the rooms on offer.  There is a library, the moon and even a 360 video room where you can stand in the middle of a 360 video streamed directly from YouTube!

Oculus Quest Controls

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